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Joie 캔도라 린넨 자켓
  Brand 기타브랜드
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Joie 캔도라 린넨 자켓


Size XS-Sold

가슴둘레 23 인치

기장 25 인치

Size S

가슴둘레 24 인치

기장 25 1/2 인치

Size M

가슴둘레 25 인치

기장 26 인치

아주 편안한 워시드 린넨자켓입니다.

A fresh (and lightweight) spin off the classic military jacket, this warm-days-ready linen number is for all those sunset temperature drops and shady patios. With a relaxed fit, drop shoulders, and plenty of pockets, it's one of those year-round staples that's ready for daily wearing. Keep it next to the front door. 100% linen. Dry clean.

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